Artists I Love: Ggggrimes

In today’s edition of Artist’s I Love, I present to you… Ggggrimes! A thing I particularly love about their account is that the captions share who each of the characters depicted are, including their ethnicity and gender identities. Their art mostly depicts intimate moments between (incredibly cool) queer people of colour. I’ve included some below:

A trans lesbian (left) and her transmasc bi boyfriend having a morning bathroom photo shoot. This boi is VERY sleepy and wants to go back to bed for sure.Β 

A North African cis lesbian (left) and her West African trans lesbian girlfriend having a date night at home.

An Afro-Indigenous enby with their best friend, an Asian transfemme enby in their queer home.

Ggggrimes’ art also gives off that vibe of being out and about in town or Obs and being constantly aware that there are COOL and WEIRD and INTERESTING people β€”like literally the definition of Eclecticβ€” around you, and wanting to somehow meet and hang out with all of them. And sometimes you do! End up at a table smoking okkah with everyone. But that was all.., at a time in the past. (Sad face)

An Asian trans girl annoyed by inst*gr*m’s oppressive algorithms.Β 

An Asian enby and their Black transmasc enby partner at a very queer prom.

And then there are also pieces which bring to mind those exceptional moments when you arrive at a new friend’s place before a party, or you go back to someone’s house with a group when the bar closes, and you’re suddenly a gathering of people taking off their shoes, bringing out their own ashtrays and plugging in phones to charge; making cups of tea in a tiny kitchen, lending kinda-scratchy jerseys from people just as you meet them, turning a corner on the veranda and walking into a couple sharing a cigarette before they come in; or fixing long-ago smudged-away eyeliner in a pink-tiled bathroom next to someone looking for condoms in their purse…

A Black femme enby getting a smooch on their cheek from their Asian transmasc boyfriend.

An Asian cis lesbian (left) with her Indigenous (of the Americas) trans lesbian girlfriend on a date in the park!

Added bonus: Ggggrimes’ personal style is also sooo cool!

Me, ggggrimes, a non-binary dyke whose fiancΓ© lovingly supported them getting a blonde wig. Dykey shirt is my design.

AND this fantastic commission of Fran from the Food 4 Thot podcast!!!

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