You Should Follow: The Papa Artist

The official name of this artist’s account is the Panda and Possum Adventures, but lets be real, we all call and know people by their Instagram handles, so that’s what I’m going with! This is…. The Papa Artist! Their art is filled with the prettiest colours sharing messages of support, activism and encouragement for people with diverse bodies, sexualities and gender expressions. There’s…. Lovely, lovely trans rep and advocacy:

There’s tons of Black Lives Matter, check-your-privilege, gender equality and social justice content:

They make these wonderfully inclusive and empowering tarot cards that feature and celebrate all types of bodies and identities:

The name ‘Panda and Possum Adventures’ is a reference to their web comic that “follows Panda, Possum, PAPA artist and their friends and adventures covering LGBT+ and mental health topics.” They’re super cute comics about the artist’s own (often awkward) experiences of being queer in their daily life:

I really love these reminders about what consent looks like, and what should be accepted and recognized in healthy relationships. These include some of the vital, dignity-protecting, self-assuring and often life-saving topics and tools that should be at the core of our education and conversation at all ages:

The Instagram account is filled with generally awesome, adorable, always encouraging lgbtqia+ vibes like these:

And there is a wonderful spirit of body-positivity in everything they share:

This is their linktree situation, where you’ll find links to their Etsy, Tumblr, Patreon and more! And their website is also super lovely. Ta-dahh!

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