Teddy Paints: Cheerful, wholesome, diverse Trans pride!

Teddy Paints’ art is filled with dope real-life details I haven’t seen in any other art of this kind, or frankly, at all. –There’s a couple where one girl has a cast on her wrist and the other a prosthetic on her leg. Queer people in that relaxed, partially-undressed state when you come home after a night out. Honestly his characters are just the coolest people ever!

And the biggest energy his art radiates is Trans Pride! Trans people in love, trans people with their boyfriends, trans people in super cute super gay outfits. Many of his drawings have trans people with the words ‘I love being trans’ incorporated into the pictures around them. It’s all just !!! I’m in love.

Some of his stuff is just so delightfully hopeful and cheerful and sweet, wholesome even! His work is clearly made with love, reflecting the kind of caring, simple gestures you need from a community; pictures I can imagine up on the walls in a community center, moments of love to send to friends in the middle of the day.

You can shop these as prints, stickers and magnets on Theo’s RedBubble shop. He also has an esty-esque store that sells handmade earrings and trinkets with lgbtqia+ vibes all over them.

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