Celebrity Interviews I Think About A Lot

RIP The Nice Guy by Samantha Leach for Bustle: I was really struck by how self-aware and subversive the decisions to take on these roles were. Each of the men speaks with such clarity within the complicated social context. It hit a nerve, in a good way. And Samantha asks smart and poignant questions that inspire just as clear concise telling answers.

Oscar–Winner Peter Ramsey’s Life Story Could Be Its Own Movie by Anthony Breznican for Vanity Fair: This interview does so much. It really could (and should) be a movie. I guess, technically, it was – because Into The Spiderverse director Peter Ramsey’s been making them the whole way through. There’s a moment with Francis Ford Coppola that made me so emotional, and a fierceness that both Ava and Peter share to bring Black creators up as he rises, to bring people along for the journey. There’s so much about him and his story that inspires me, and makes me proud to love cinema as much as I do with people like him making their way in the business.

Meet the Collector Who Purchased Kanye West’s Art from High School by Aria Hughes for Complex: This is more celeb-adjacent but man, it’s wild. This guy literally saw Kanye’s art on Antique Roadshow but no one was watching at the time because a pandemic I guess, and he basically woos the family of Kanye into selling it to him. What I love is how much he clearly admires Kanye’s talent and will honour the art, and what’s additionally mad is that he goes on to claim that he’s in the business of recognising talent, claiming that he brought Jay Sean and Russell Peters to an American audience, which is… (mind blown).

Emma Roberts Is Ready for a New Life by Stephanie Danler for Cosmopolitan: This cover was such a moment, with her being pregnant, and the interview is such a precious look into her decision to pursue pregnancy that I felt no one really discussed. It felt so rare to have that conversation, and so generous of her to give us insight into life with endometriosis and IVF and especially because of her age and her audience.

Seth Rogen and the Secret to Happiness by Jonah Weiner for The New York Times: I just think Seth Rogen is a really fascinating and endlessly chill dude, and hearing everything he’s been working on (it’s soooo much, including his Houseplants weed and ceramics business, his film projects which includes one for Luca, and his upcoming ten years in the making book, Yearbook) and how he sees his world, it’s something I think about a lot.

Read Nolan’s Scathing Comments on the WB Deal By Jason Hellerman for No Film School: This is one of the most passionate comments on the pandemic-era cinematic landscape I’ve read to date, and it’s understandable why that is when you read his words. I find this to be a revealing and fascinating look into where the industry’s head is at and how it functions. I will continue watching closely as things progress, particularly within the streaming landscape, but I’ll be keeping all this in mind as I do.

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