Weekend Screens: Blackpink (plus Luca, Landscaping, Video Games) In Your Area!

When the rain makes my bones ache and my body is drowning in fatigue… It’s time to catch up on the TV I haven’t got around to watching!

Industry (HBO)

I was intrigued by the trailer, and Industry is basically exactly what you’d expect. The show very much reminds me of those last little ‘where are they now’ episodes of Skins, when the kids are adults out in the world.

There’s corporate drama, HR nightmares, drugs, sex, sexism, lies, desperation, and capitalism. It’s quite diverse, and the soundtrack is dope. There are also some veryyy tumblr-able moments that I definitely watched a couple times for like, shipping reasons. Also the pilot was directed by Lena Dunham?!

Dare Me (USA Network)

I’d started watching Dare Me as it aired but decided halfway to wait until I could watch the final episodes together… but then I never got round to finishing it.

The mood continues: Dark teenage girl drama, hardcore cheer energy, sapphic sexual tension, dope soundtrack, suspenseful vibes –with a constant layer of ‘This is so inappropriate, these are KIDS! But yah, very realistic.’ I haven’t read the books and I’m one episode away from the finale, so I’m v excited to find out how it ends. (It’s available on Netflix now)

Backyard Envy (Bravo)

I can’t find a trailer, soz

Season 2 of Backyard Envy is almost entirely focused on James’ annoying and inescapable, unrelenting complaints about his unhappiness. Watching the first two weeks it was back, his horrible attitude overshadowed any delight or interest in the landscaping the Manscapers team did. So we just couldn’t get into it.

But we’re landscaping our garden right now, so we figured Ugh why not, let’s go back in. And James is stillll on this whole vibe. (eternal eyeroll) But Mel is dope as always! Literal icon. And everything about Garrett each episode is so damn endearing and wonderful! Also the tree situation! They’re very good at the doing-a-garden part of their jobs. James just needs to GO.

Fe@rless_ (Netflix)

I’d been waiting for this to release on Netflix, but then I got too deep inside Outlander to watch anything else on there… Listening to the Blood, Sweat, and Pixels audiobook all week has me refreshed and wanting to dive into the world of video games as much as possible.

And this movie is so damn FUN! It made me laugh a ton; it’s sweet and smart and STEEPED IN BLACKNESS. Gloriously! And naturally! Like, black culture and heart and love and pride and JOY–is woven into every scene, every line, every sound. Fe@rless_ is wonderful!

Blackpink: Light Up The Sky (Netflix)

This Blackpink documentary was heartfelt and sweet in a way that reminds me of the Lady Gaga I-have-fibromyalgia film she made. They’re such lovely girls, and somehow the film does a great job of showcasing the K-pop trainee experience and fandom in a way that wasn’t gaudy or condescending.

It always irritates me when a documentary about a pop culture phenomenon feels extremely catered to the exact group of people who wouldn’t usually be interested but are in the room so let’s explain it all to them and catch them up, which leaves the actual fans bored and rolling their eyes at how their literal lives for the last few years is turned into a caricature. This film didn’t do that.

Blackpink: Light Up the Sky felt like a gift to the fans, a way of showing a little more of what they’ve been through while we’ve watched them shine.

Body by Megan Thee Stallion

You can watch the music video here, the above video is the tweet that led me to it, and the bit I watch on repeat the most. For real, I need this class, the choreography is fire! and the cameos are badasss and dope. It’s suuuper catchy too! You’ll have Megan Thee Stallion saying Body-yahddy-yahddy-yahddy in your head for days.

We Are Who We Are (HBO)

Luca’s done it again. This show is more refreshing and beautiful and almost surreal in its reality than I could ever have expected or hoped for. And it is hopeful, too. The writing is brilliant, the soundtrack and the direction and the playfulness behind all of it is bright and thrilling, effervescent.

We Are Who We Are is diverse and queer as heck, and so much of it makes my breath catch and my heart just with !THIS IS SO AMAZING! that makes me wanna turn to the person next to me with the widest, most giddy smile, overjoyed and inspired to be witnessing and experiencing such wonder and genius. What a time to be alive!

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